Trio of Tramping Tracks

If you’re passing through Central Hawke’s Bay on your way north or south, or visiting friends or family, there are three lovely short walks/tramps in the area that are well worth doing. They are all fairly close together, and will occupy no more than a morning or afternoon, including a stop for coffee along the way. An average or moderately fit person should have no trouble doing all of them in one go.

The best place to start your journey is from Waipukurau, as the first reserve, Lindsay Bush Scenic Reserve (also known as the Tukutuki Reserve), is only 5 minutes out of town. To get there, take the Hastingsroad (SH2) north, and immediately after crossing the bridge over the Tukituki River, turn left into Lindsay Road. Keep going until you arrive at a t-junction, turn left into Scenic Road, and follow this until you arrive at an entrance way by a stop-bank. Turn right on the stop-bank and the car park is just 200m further on, on the left. Continue reading