Having done many many hikes over many years, it is a pleasure to share with you those we have personally done and recommend. We will give as much information as we can about each hike – how long, how difficult, how safe and anything else that is relevant to experiencing a good hiking trip!

Should you have any hiking experience not listed here and you would like to share it with our readers, please contact us with the details. Any photographs you might have of the hike, please send them as well (not bigger than 500kb please!).

This is all about enjoying a good hiking trip!

New Zealand Hikes

The hikes listed are ones we have done and guided people on – currently they are North Island hikes in the Ruahine and Kaweka conservation areas, but as time goes by we will be adding additional areas.

  • Swamp Track
  • Awatere hut
  • Waipaka Forks
  • Stanfield hut
  • Barlow hut
  • Sunrise hut
  • Longview hut
  • Daphne hut
  • Te Puia Lodge
  • Ellis hut

South African Hikes

Coming soon!