Daphne Hut Hike

This is a tramp for the slightly more adventurous – it has streams, bush, tops and river walking. It presents more of a challenge when compared to Sunrise Hut, and requires a higher level of fitness and skill. It is best done as an overnight hike, but the very fit can do it there and back in a day. The rewards are great views, a cosy hut, and beautiful bush. For those into trout fishing, this is a good one, as there are trout in the Tukituki river – they’re of good size, but not easily lured, which is how they got to be of good size! Remember to take your fishing licence. Also remember that a 4wd vehicle will be required to get to the start.

To get to the start, turn into Makaretu road, off SH50 in Central Hawke’s Bay. Continue down Makaretu road towards the mountains until you reach Sherwood School – directly opposite, turn left into Mill road. Mill road eventually changes from tar-seal to gravel, and a while further on, as the road climbs up a steep rise, turn left into Kashmir road. At the time of writing, the name sign had disappeared, but there is a green and yellow DOC direction sign on the left as well. Continue reading