Hiking Safety in New Zealand

Most of the time the hike you’ve planned works out fine, with few issues or problems. However, sometimes it doesn’t, and that’s the time you need to rely on what you’ve learned in all the years before. This happened to me and four friends on our last hike into the Ruahine Ranges.

My co-organiser and I had been talking about it for a while, and both of us felt like visiting a hut we had not been to before. We’d discussed another hut (Parks Peak), which required some distance to travel to. Personally I did not want to travel far, so pored over maps of the Ruahine Ranges to look for huts closer to home which might fit the bill, and could be done as an overnight hike. My eye fell on Leon Kinvig hut, and immediately I thought, hmmm, looks do-able! Got the magnifying glass, and studied it in detail. The distance looked about 9km one way, which I reckoned we could do in 5.5 to 6 hours comfortably. Ran it past my friend, and we agreed to give it a go. I sent the usual email around the mailing list, asking for interested persons to let me know. Continue reading